⚙️The Protocol

The Infinite Trading Protocol comprises two key components: the SDK and the API. This protocol aims to deliver a comprehensive toolkit that enables the streamlined development and deployment of automated trading strategies across diverse networks, including decentralized protocols and centralized exchanges. Built with flexibility in mind, it offers developers a robust set of development tools and API endpoints to create, deploy, and manage portfolios on various blockchains and platforms.

Key features of our protocol include:

  • Asset Rebalancing: Automatically adjusts the asset allocation in a portfolio to maintain desired investment ratios.

  • Composition Monitoring: Tracks and reports in real-time the composition of portfolios.

  • Leverage Management: Facilitates the control of leverage levels, enhancing trading strategies while managing risk by using Toros Finance Leveraged tokens (Optimism and Polygon).

  • Algorithmic Order Execution: Implements complex trading orders based on predefined algorithms for optimal execution.

  • Short-Selling Capabilities: Integrates mechanisms for short selling within platforms like dHedge, offering strategies for bear markets through Toros Finance Bear Tokens.

Whether you're building on Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum or Base, the Infinite Trading Protocol API and SDK will provide the foundation needed to innovate and expand the possibilities of DeFi trading solutions. The SDK is currently under development and the repositories will remain private until the team finishes it's development and testing. Developers can request early access to our API for beta testing.

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