Usage of ITP in the Ecosystem

  • Manager Interactions: Managers utilizing the protocol in will employ their resources (such as ETH or MATIC for gas) to interact with the API. When executing these transactions, a multiplier of the gas fee is going to be deducted from the trader's account. In certain chains where ITP is available, the protocol will use a portion of these fees to buy back ITP and send those to the null address. The other portion will be retained by the protocol to redistribute it for other initiatives such as airdrops, pool incentives, Velodrome bribing and product development. ITP Tokens sent to the null address are permanently removed from circulation (burned).

Manager Contracts and Fee Structures

  • Vault Management by Protocol: Should managers opt for the protocol manager contracts to oversee their vaults, they incur no gas fees. However, management fees accrued will be exclusively distributed in ITP tokens.

  • Fee Distribution: When managers claim their management fees, 80% of those fees will be automatically converted to ITP tokens and sent to the manager's address, and the protocol will keep the other 20%. This structure incentivizes the continuous circulation and utility of the ITP token within the ecosystem.

Autonomous Vault Management

  • Protocol-Managed Vaults: The Infinite Trading Protocol manages vaults on dHedge. From these, all fees collected are being used to buy ITP and USDC to add liquidity into the UniswapV3 LP.

  • Liquidity and Listing Goals: This arrangement persists until the token achieves sufficient liquidity (targeted at over $500,000). Reaching this threshold aims to qualify the token for listing on platforms such as dHedge. Post-listing, 50% of the fees collected from these vaults will also be burned. The other 50% will be used by the protocol for different initiatives.


The information provided here outlines the functional utility of the ITP tokens within the Infinite Trading Protocol ecosystem. It is intended for informational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice or an offer to invest. Importantly, a maximum of 50% of the ITP supply will be eligible for burning. The burning process will cease once the allocated 30% of the supply for staking rewards has been fully distributed or 50% of the supply has been burned. Thereafter, instead of burning, the ITP tokens will be redirected to staking contracts to serve as additional rewards, further supporting the protocol's ecosystem and incentivizing participation.


Please note that the tokenomics described here are subject to change based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to community proposals, token holder votes, and evolving regulatory landscapes. The protocol remains committed to adapting its strategies to meet the needs of its community and comply with regulatory requirements, ensuring a robust and dynamic ecosystem.

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